Burnside Community Master Plan

A 640 acre project located in the northwest section of the City of Medicine Hat, Alberta and encompasses some of the most picturesque, pristine, and scenic property in the area. Adjacent to a relatively new and expanding business district the site has direct access  and exposure to the Trans-Canada  Highway corridor, is bounded on the north by an escarpment and on the south by the South Saskatchewan River Valley. With recent development pressure the City has been focusing on a comprehensive master plan which will address the needs of land owners, farmers, and the citizens through the next 25 years.

Because of Burnside Estates unique and diverse character, prime location within Southern Alberta, and potential for recreation, residential,  commercial,  and business development, detailed site analysis, feasibility analysis, and planning resort has gone into identifying the many natural, physical, and cultural opportunities and constraints of the site and contiguous area. Burnside Estates will play a key role in the ongoing visioning and strategic planning workshops and agenda. Currently in the conceptual land use and strategic planning stages, the process will involve the entire community in an attempt to establish a sustainable, responsive, and responsible community plan which will enhance and compliment the future community vision. Stakeholders and citizen workshops, public input charettes, and public awareness campaigns are being held at the local and regional level to ensure adequate representation, input, and decision making.